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We diagnose, test and treat both adults and children who suffer from ADHD in Cincinnati. With children a multifaceted approach is utilized. We try to coordinate information with the child's teacher(s) and parent(s)/guardian(s) to attain the most accurate information about the child prior to diagnosis. Our testing utilizes advanced start of the art equipment to provide accurate measurement to be able to better diagnose ADHD. This helps us to rule out other potential diagnoses. Often times this disorder is both under and over diagnosed. At times DEPRESSION or ANXIETY could be mistaken for ADHD as several of the symptoms overlap, such as the inability to pay attention. We work to make sure the individual is properly diagnosed and treated as we don't believe that medication is the only answer for ADHD in Cincinnati or for any of the aforementioned disorders."

We offer these free online tests to help you determine if ADHD may be a problem for you or your child

ADHD Cincinnati Treatment

Katkin and Associates also offers specialized ADHD coaching services.

Find more information on ADHD here.

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